Designers, Mountains, and Beer…Oh My!

The hubby and I are on vacation in the gorgeous area of Bavaria during Thanksgiving week! One of the best things about living in Germany is the close proximity to so many beautiful areas to visit. Since the hubby is on “R & R,” we qualified for a very nice discount at Edelweiss Lodge and Resort! If anyone is military living in Europe, they NEED to stay here. It is impossible to be bored! Depending on the mood, you can ski, sled, shop, relax in a hot tub (with bartender service!), visit nearby Munich or Innsbruck, tour a brewery, get a massage…so many choices! So far, Hubby and I visited Munich, where I was blown away by the amount of designer shops along the streets! How exciting to see one of my all time favorites, Jimmy Choo! One day, I will have a pair of those shoes!

Jimmy Choo! Oh, if only...

Jimmy Choo! Oh, if only…

No kidding, designers such as Prada, Giorgio Armani, Etro, Valentino, and Dolce & Gabbana lined the streets of Munich. I drooled over a couple of my favorites, Versace and Dior!

"Christian Dior me!"

“Christian Dior me!”


I could just grab one of those bags...!

I could just grab one of those bags…!

Versace  did a line for H&M a couple of seasons back, and some plus size pieces were included. I’m hoping that Donatella will expand plus size into her runway line, so we’ll see!

Besides the fashion, Munich has a charming Christmas market with one of the best things about the season, Gluhwein! The day we visited was VERY chilly, so enjoying a cup of the hot and fruity wine was just the thing to warm up!



I am not a fan of heights. I get dizzy, feel nauseated, and faint like when I’m up way high. However, Hubby has been wanting to go up in a gondola to the Zugspitze for quite awhile, and as a gesture of love, I swallowed my fear and went up 10,000 feet! I could NOT look behind us as we climbed, climbed, and climbed. A couple of times I felt dizzy, but I breathed deeply and trusted that the cable would not snap and send us to our demise! Once we were finally up there (and my legs stopped shaking!) we took in this amazing view!


Talk about a winter wonderland! The Zugspite has excellent areas for skiing, sledding, and snowboarding. One of my goals after my surgery is to be able to go sledding next year!

One of the things Germany is best known for is BEER, of course! Although we are not big beer drinkers, we thought taking a tour of one of the local breweries might help us to find something we liked. At the Griesbrau Brewery, the guide and Brewmaster Wolfgang showed and explained how his beer is made, plus we “sampled” four different types of beer AND beer liquor! Let’s just say that a “sample” means a FULL glass! One of my favorites was the “Christmas Liquor,” a beer liquor that is served warm and made with spices. It tastes kind of like rum!

Christmas beer liquor is best served with whipped cream!

Christmas beer liquor is best served with whipped cream!

Wolfgang helps me try a "sample"!

Wolfgang helps me try a “sample”!


Thanksgiving is upon us, and I have so much to be thankful for. Being able to have these adventures and enjoying time with my husband is amazing. Though I am dealing with a cranky back, life is good! Tomorrow, we go to Innsbruck, Austria!


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