The search begins for a REAL hydrating lipstick!

Right now in Germany it is unnaturally mild for January (around 40 every day), but the air is super dry and no matter how much Chap Stick I wear, my lips keep flaking. I then bought some tinted Blistex, which had a nice light berry taste and gave my lips a good coat of moisture, but alas…the Hubby told me today that when he kisses me when I wear it, it “feels goopy.” Not good.

So, I decided to try two new products. My first one is Clinique’s Chubby Stick, moisturizing lip color balm. The first color, “Bountiful Blush,” has a nice nude pink and looks natural. Then I really stepped out of my box with the “Oversized Orange.” Yes, you read that right…orange! I NEVER have bought anything orange before, only because I am pretty sure it would look horrid on me. However, this color is much more of a coral, and surprisingly looks good! Besides the colors, I like how the Chubby Stick applies like a crayon and feels moist. I haven’t worn one yet for several hours yet, so that review is yet to come.

The second product I bought is TooFaced’s La Crème Color Drenched Lip Cream in “Loganberry.” This product applies like a regular lipstick, and it feels like silk on my lips! Loganberry is a darker pink, which I like for nights out or when I’m feeling a little extra sassy. I will post a final verdict on the long lasting factor later as well.

Tomorrow I will also post pics of me wearing the products, plus some of my other beauty favs! Got a favorite lip treatment or lipstick to share? Comment and let me know!

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