February is for Love – Loving Who YOU Are!

Let’s face it; everyone either loves or hates the month of February. It’s either a time to spoil (or get spoiled by) a sweetie, or make like Bridget Jones and eat ice cream, singing “All By Myself” full voice on a Friday night.

I’ve had my share of love/hate moments with this month over the years (thankfully lots of love now!), but what we all could use is more love for ourselves. To truly embrace who we are in this moment. Yes, we’re not all supermodels. Yes, we might have a little more love handles than we prefer. Maybe we’re wishing for more curves like Beyonce’! However, always living in the idea of “I wish I was more like..” will never allow happiness in the present.

It’s not easy to get to this acceptance. As women, we are bombarded daily with images, headlines, and “the ultimate diet/workout” to get sexier, hotter, better. When I was working regularly as a professional actress, I was a size 4 and worked out like mad to stay at that size and still felt pressure to be smaller, leaner. Even a casting director told me, “if you could lose about 10 pounds, you would do better for casting.” I weighed 125 pounds, and those words devastated me.

The girl in the middle (me) is a size 4 and told she needed to lose 10 lbs.

The girl in the middle (me) is a size 4 and told she needed to lose 10 lbs.

Today, I’m a size 14 and weigh around 200 pounds (I check in every other week). I got to my size from various reasons, but the car accident I was in 2012 severely limited the activity I could do. My life as a dancer diminished, and I could not audition for as many projects. Of course, this depressed me, but it was mostly because I wanted to be more active and not because I hated my body. The saying is true – “with age comes wisdom,” and being over 40 made me realize that I deserved to be loved, and shouldn’t I love ME? Besides, our spirits, our hearts, our minds, our achievements, our families, and our friends are to be celebrated and cherished. Our bodies are our shells we travel through life, and they will change!

I’m glad to see the Plus Size movement is beginning to get positive focus from designers, magazines, Hollywood, and advertising. There’s still a long way to go, but in the meantime, send yourself the gift of love this February. YOU are beautiful!

Yes, we all are beautiful!

Yes, we all are beautiful!

From: https://www.facebook.com/garnerstyle

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