Creative Ways to Earn Spending Money and Freebies!

Hello all!

What’s a girl to do when she’s got great taste in clothes and beauty products, but doesn’t have a big budget?

FREEBIE Pixi glowing face primer!!

FREEBIE Pixi glowing face primer!!

I’m making a little extra money and receiving freebies by taking surveys and getting cash back when I shop online!

Let me break it down on what’s working for me:

1. INBOXDOLLARS.COM I just started with, and I automatically got $5.00 by signing up. There’s a list of “tasks” to do (filling out short surveys) and these range from .50 to 20.00 in earnings. There’s also ways to get free samples and coupons as you take the surveys as well! Once you earn $30 in your task account, you can request a payment. The downside? Be careful of clicking on “win a $500 gift card/I Phone/X box” type of survey. You’ll get the prize, but you’ll need to go through A LOT of surveys and agree to trial memberships to receive the item.  So, just be careful! However, there are several surveys where you can get freebies:)

2. MYSOAPBOX.COM This site was referred to me (as well as Inboxdollars) by fellow blogger Signe Savant of, and I like that it’s a “points earning” site. Take surveys, post videos of your product experiences, and create polls. Once you earn a certain amount of points, you can turn those in for gift cards (which vary from restaurants to Visa cards!).

3. EBATES.COM I LOVE Ebates! If you shop, book hotels, or send flowers (and much more) online, then you MUST sign up. This site has a ton of online stores and travel sites to shop through, and once you buy something, a percentage of what you bought COMES BACK TO YOU! From 2% on up (right now there’s a big 15% cash back celebration!) I’m about to receive my 2nd check, and I’ve just started using Ebates two months ago!

PLUS…all THREE SITES EITHER PAY YOU OR GIVE POINTS FOR REFER A FRIEND! What an awesome way to drive traffic to your blog!!!

What’s next? CLICK ON MY BANNERS ON THE RIGHT SIDE and get started!

Maybe this will show up in your mail? I got this!

Maybe this will show up in your mail? I got this!

Questions? Comments? Other sites you recommend? Let me know!

Love, laughter, and shoes!

xx Melanie







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