I Have a Leopard Problem!

Ahhh leopard print! For the past couple of seasons, it’s been hot for purses, shoes, dresses, pants…well, EVERYTHING.

This is awesome and bad for me at the same time.

Let me explain. I have a leopard print throw blanket, pillows, and sheets.

Three leopard print purses.

Four pairs of leopard print shoes.

And, several shades and colors of leopard print shirts and dresses!

My current favorite piece? This Michael Michael Kors print dress! I got to rock this while shopping in Milan.

leopard mk 1

Michael Michael Kors dress, Just Fab bag.

leopard mk 2

I also have a problem with earrings – love these Betsey Johnsons (a gift from my stepmom!)

leopard mk 3

Even my nails are leopard inspired!

Midi rings by A Wild Violet. (That's a Michigan mitten ring!)

Midi rings by A Wild Violet. (That’s a Michigan mitten ring!)

So, yes- I’m addicted!

You can count on seeing more leopard, but I also promised the Hubby I’d change things up décor wise, too!

What’s your fashion addiction?

I love comments:)

Love, light, and shoes –

xx Melanie.

5 thoughts on “I Have a Leopard Problem!

  1. i think we all have that one print / style we are addicted to. I have been absolutely addicted to leopard print forever ! before it became “cool” – I have pictures of myself as a baby wearing this print. I ADORE your dress ! it’s great & you pull off the print well. I can understand your husbands eagerness to have you wear something else … but guys just don’t understand ! my boyfriend is infatuated with wearing his plain white shirts – but hey to each their own.!

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  2. I’ve personally have never been a big leopard print fan, but I can see how it would attract people since it is very fierce! That dress looks great on you!

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    • Thanks so much! I kind of wish I didn’t like animal prints so much because I feel a bit nutty for doing so, but hey, if that’s the extent of my nuttiness, that’s not bad:)


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