Am I Promoting Obesity?

I stumbled across this article called “Do Plus Sized Clothes Promote Obesity?” and as a plus size fashionista, it got me thinking. At first I thought, of course not!

But then I read a quote from MeMe Roth, president of the organization National Action Against Obesity, who stated

“When you look at the human cost, what we’re doing is we’re on the Titanic and rather than forcing our children into the lifeboat, we’re telling them to join the band. Worrying about fashion rather than worrying about the food is a horrible message that we’re sending these kids.”

True… One’s health is definitely more important than clothes. Americans do have an obesity epidemic; we are the kings/queens of fast food consumption, prepacked food, and our activity levels are much less than our European counterparts (which I have witnessed).


If we’re discussing if plus lines such as Forever 21 Plus, Deb Shops, ASOS Plus, Lane Bryant, etc. are promoting obesity, I totally disagree. Ask anyone who is outside the size 0-12 spectrum if they LIKE being plus size, and I ‘ll bet the majority will say no.

For most of my adult life, I was around a size 8 (size 4 at my smallest), and once I began gaining weight, it really shook my self esteem to give away clothes I loved. It is not fun to spend more time finding styles that fit and flatter, and I am incredibly grateful to those brands that help me feel better about myself.

Fashion to Figure jacket,  H&M sweaterdress (as a top), Forever 21 Plus skirt.

Fashion to Figure jacket,
H&M sweaterdress (as a top),
Forever 21 Plus skirt.

Just because I have a bigger ass or a thicker waist does not mean I don’t care about myself, or how I look.

FF Jacket 2

So, the question I’d ask MeMe is, if straight sized women can get sick and get disease just like we plus size gals can, don’t we both deserve to look good?

Plus size women are typically passed over for promotions, hiring, and have a tougher time dating. We need ALL the tools possible to feel and look our best!

Zara necklace.

Zara necklace.

I’d also like to let MeMe know that MANY of us do exercise and eat healthy food (most of the time!). Sometimes, the metabolism does not cooperate. So, don’t blame plus size retailers for our size.  We just want great and affordable clothes to shine!

*drops mike*

The one thing about me that's still a size 8- shoes! Boots, Just Fab.

The one thing about me that’s still a size 8- shoes!
Boots, Just Fab.

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Love, laughter, and shoes…

xx Melanie.




11 thoughts on “Am I Promoting Obesity?

  1. Great post Melanie! I’m not a plus size, but I absolutely appreciate your post. What people tend to forget is that skinny doesn’t always mean healthy and “plus size” doesn’t always mean unhealthy. People have a very convoluted idea of what “healthy” should look like. I’m a size 00 and people constantly tell me that I’m too skinny or that 00 shouldn’t be a size because no one can be that slim and still be healthy. I’m 4’9″ and I work out regularly, eat fairly healthy and I think I take good care of myself. I honesty believe that if you’re healthy and you take care of yourself, it shouldn’t matter what your clothing size is. Rock on! I love your outfit by the way! 🙂

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    • Thank you so much!
      People tend to think it’s OK to tell someone “you’re too skinny,” or “eat something!” and they don’t think that’s not hurtful. We need to be accepting of all sizes!


    • I had a client in NOLA who was tiny. She had a very high metabolism and her eating was very much guided by nutrition. She was also extremely active. As a result, she could rarely find clothes in the adults section that fit. Imagine being in your early-mid 30s, a picture of fitness, and having to shop in the tweens section. She had such a hard time finding evening wear or even fun and funky going out clothes. Being small has it’s own challenges and it comes with it’s own sliver of body shaming. Healthy is on the inside.

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  2. I realize this might not mean much coming from some random guy you’ve never met, but I think you look great! Body acceptance is an important issue that I intend to blog about some time.

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  3. Warning: rant to ensue.

    *places soap box center stage, checks lighting, tests mic*

    STOP IT! All of you with the body shaming. Just stop it.

    Yes, Americans are facing an obesity epidemic. Here are the numbers:

    – 72% of all Americans are overweight. Overweight is defined as having a body fat percentage 25% or more.
    – Of these people, 42% are obese. Obesity is having a body fat percentage of higher than 30.

    If you believe that 72% of all Americans are Twinkie-eating losers, who spend their days watching cartoons and passing wind, you’re part of the problem. Over the last 40 years, America has shifted from a production paradigm to a service paradigm. Most of our jobs require us to sit for long periods of time. Heck, I’m the Director of Personal Training at a really nice gym and I spend at least two hours each day at a computer. More of our hobbies are sedentary. People are working longer hours, leaving less time and energy for movement.

    But, Carmen, those people should suck it up and be better examples for their families.

    …and you, sir, should go suck a lemon!

    It takes a village, folks. It took us 40 years to get into this and it’s gonna take at least half as long, if not twice as long, to fix the problem. We have to start with youth and we have to do more than educate them. We have to make it fun. We have to inspire our children to eat healthy foods and to want to move. How, you ask? By planting gardens an having gardens in school where kids can be fascinated by the process. By getting in the kitchen and teaching them how easy and fun preparing food can be. By getting outside and doing things, be it going for a walk or tossing a ball around or playing tag.Children do what we teach them. Lead from the front!

    Next, there are a variety of reasons people gain weight. Yes, sometimes – oftentimes – it’s because of poor food choices combined with a sedentary lifestyle. But if you could just shimmy down off that pedestal, you’d see that there are a host of other reasons:

    -Hormone imbalance: I get to review blood work with clients every month. Thyroid hormone imbalance will lead to weight gain. Low testosterone ABSOLUTELY lead to weight gain. It will also make you feel completely listless. You’ll have no energy and it will feel like a monumental task of will to make yourself move. AND, because that’s not nearly enough, it’ll also make you depressed. Women are supposed to have a certain amount of testosterone. Lots of women have almost none.

    -Vitamin deficiency: You’d be surprised how many folks are Vitamin D deficient. Vitamin D is a testosterone precursor. My levels were severely low and, after supplementing with it for a couple weeks, I had more energy and my body composition started to change.

    -Depression: It’s not all in your mind, folks. It’s a medical condition and it influences everything, including energy levels and blood chemistry.

    These are just a few that I could easily rattle off the top of my head for the sake of example. The fact is that it’s complicated and judging folks for how they look is petty and cruel. STOP IT!!!

    Every human being should be able to feel good about him/herself and walk with head held high and best foot forward. We love ourselves where we’re at and make changes because it improves the quality of our lives – not because some ass hat thinks we should look different. It’s not about how you look. Just stop it. It’s about how you feel. It’s about your health and well-being. Why should someone who is suffering or otherwise burdened be banished to wearing mumus and potato sacks? How is promoting self-love promoting obesity.


    Buy the strappy pumps. Get the bag to match. Put on your happiest fashion and have an amazing day.

    PS – If you decide that you want to make some changes to your lifestyle, that’s awesome. There are tons of resources to guide you in your journey and some great companies that make bangin’ workout clothes.

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