I’ve Got 100 Posts and a Giveaway is One!

Hello all!

I can’t believe it, but this is my 100th post! I just got back from a wonderful time in London (more on that later) and I thought we should celebrate this milestone! So, this is my last giveaway before we leave Europe. Check out this adorable wallet I picked up – it’s the original beauty icon, Marilyn!

Marilyn wallet 1

The back view -so cute!

The back view -so cute!

I’m excited for one of you to win it! So just click on the giveaway banner to the right and GOOD LUCK!

And yes, LONDON was fantastic. Too many places to see and do within a few days, but we managed to pack in quite a few sights. Here’s a few highlights:

At Westminster Abbey – where the royal weddings take place!

Us at Westminster 1

Enjoying a cocktail before seeing The Book of Mormon (which is HILARIOUS!)

A tasty Vodka Collins!

A tasty Vodka Collins!

We originally wanted to walk across the Tower Bridge, but it was WINDY! Check out my “lovely” hair! However, the bridge is gorgeously lit at night.



Despite my limited luggage allowance, I did bring back some hot bargains from Primark! I’ll be modeling those very soon. I could’ve been very dangerous in that store…but I was good and set my budget!

Hope you are enjoying your 2015, and thanks so much for following! Good luck on the giveaway!

Love, laughter, and shoes-

xx Melanie.


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