It’s The Divine Mz M’s Third Anniversary – Giveaway Time!

Hello lovelies!

Like my new layout? It’s time to change things up!

It’s hard to believe, but I started this blog THREE YEARS AGO today! With all the various beauty and fashion blogs out there, I didn’t really expect many readers to follow me. 130 posts later, I need to thank you for all your positive input, likes, and shares! You inspire me to keep writing about body positivity and self acceptance. I’m a believer in making the most out of life and loving ourselves as we are, today! Thank you for going on this journey with me.

You know what having an anniversary means, right?


I thought, what a better way to celebrate than giving away three of my favorite beauty basics for the third anniversary? So, one lucky reader will win:

  1. A Clinique Chubby Lip Balm


I am obsessed with this lip balm! It’s the perfect hybrid of a lipstick and lip balm. Moisturizing, but not glossy. Looks so natural on the lips!

forever maxi 3

Wearing Clinique Chubby Stick in Sheer Berry Pink.

2. And… Loreal’s Butterfly Intenza Mascara!

Butterfly mascara

Definitely one of my all time favorites. This gives me long, lush lashes without clumps, and removes easily at the end of the day.

This was just some lip stain! Washed out easily!

Makes my eyes pop!

3. To top it off…Rimmel’s HD Glam Eyes.


Number 27 is my favorite. The palette has the perfect nude/blush shades for an everyday look, and I’ve used the darker brown on my brows. The colors don’t wear out after a few hours, and blend together beautifully!


So let’s party! Scroll down to the bottom of the page and enter the “Rafflecopter” widget on the right. Be sure to share with your friends! 

This giveaway is open to U.S., Canada, and U.S. Territories only.

Good luck!

Love, laughter, and shoes-

xo, Melanie.

You Say It’s My Blogaversary: The Divine Mz M is 1 Year Old!

How time flies…!

One year ago, I was dealing with some severe back pain issues which limited the amount of activity I was comfortable doing.  Creating The Divine Mz M (formerly Curves Rule!) became a way for me to feel like I was still contributing something worthy. I had never blogged before, and I was worried that no one would bother reading anything I had to share.

Flash forward one year, I got my back surgery, the pain is greatly reduced, and The Divine Mz M has over 1,000 followers!

I have followers from all walks of life!

I have followers from all walks of life!

THANK YOU, my dear readers, for reading and sharing my fashion musings, my calls for more acceptance for all sizes, and for commenting on my posts!

As a big thank you, I’m doing a few giveaways over the next couple of months! Here’s the first one (and it’s a doozy!):

My friend Jessica (who lives in Paris – lucky!) is offering a Thirty One Gifts Makeup bag, which I am going to stuff with several sample sized makeup goodies! We’re talking the cool stuff from Birchbox and Ipsy, yo!

Me and Jessica!

Me and Jessica!

Lots of space to hold travel size shampoo & lotion, too!

Lots of space to hold travel size shampoo & lotion, too!

This makeup bag comes in other prints/colors, so if you are the lucky winner, I’ll let you know the choices!

And hey…if you are a Thirty One Gifts fan, or if you would like to get some VERY AFFORDABLE and PERSONALIZED gifts for your friends, check out my Online Party! LOTS of cool bags, totes, cosmetic bags, thermal lunch bags, for under $30!

Again, thank you all! If you’re a blogger, PLEASE leave me your links! Let’s make this next year the biggest year yet!

Love, laughter, and shoes –

xx Melanie,

peace love shoes


Frustration & Fun= Frankfurt for Fourth Wedding Anniversary

With my partner in crime and love of my life!

With my partner in crime and love of my life!

The Hubby and I just celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary, and we decided to do a little overnight getaway in Frankfurt, Germany, which is about an hour and a half from us. We’d only been there to catch a flight from the airport, so we thought seeing the city would be fun.

Little did we know how CRAZY it would be to drive around the city limits! There were so many one way streets, and God help you if you just missed a turn. That happened a couple of times, and due to construction, we ended up driving way back around the city to get back where we belonged.

I could feel my hubby’s rising fury and the number of muttered expletives grew by each minute. It was looking like we weren’t going to be able to park right by our hotel, so I gently suggested we choose a parking lot down the street. Wearily, he obliged!

After checking in the Manhattan Hotel (yep, a place in Germany named after New York!) and having a nap to reset ourselves, we ventured out to dinner. Our original restaurant choice ended up being closed down (boo!) but hey, after many years together, we’ve learned to improvise. A sushi place caught our eye, and though I was a bit overdressed, I didn’t care! Hubby took these great pics of me in the hotel’s lobby before we went out. I wore a favorite look of his, this Forever21 Plus peplum dress.

Hubby loves the hourglass look! Forever21 Plus dress, Graceland flats.

Hubby loves the hourglass look! Forever21 Plus dress, Graceland flats.

Having my hubby as photographer brings out the best in me:)

Having my hubby as photographer brings out the best in me:)

This rhinestone bracelet is one I picked up for $6 at a little shop in Saugatuck, Michigan! I love finds like this!

He makes my heart flutter....

He makes my heart flutter….

We spent the next day at Zoo Frankfurt , which was a lot larger than we’d anticipated! So many types of animals to see! From the big cats to the smallest lizards and everything in between, we ooooed and ahhhed over the wildlife. Definitely worth the visit!!

This "bear" was so nice to pose with me!

This “bear” was so nice to pose with me!

All in all, we had a great time. Frankfurt has a lot to offer visitors, and the subway system is definitely the way to get around! Very easy to navigate your way.

The lesson learned, though – next time, we take a train there!

I love that he can be silly with me!

I love that he can be silly with me!

Most importantly, I am very blessed to be married to my hubby. He is incredibly supportive, giving, funny, witty, has great integrity, and makes me feel amazing! I love him with all my heart! Awwwww.

Enough gushing for now! Until next time – love, laughter, and shoes!