Black and White and Healing Great!

Today was my 10 day post-op appointment from my back surgery, and I was super excited to go mainly because I GOT TO WEAR SOMETHING OTHER THAN YOGA PANTS! For anyone out there who has been cooped up at home recouperating from illness or surgery, you know what I am talking about!

I still cannot wear jeans or pants with a “pinching” waistline, but hey, I am a big fan of leggings anyway, so I pulled out these tuxedo style leggings from ING. I’ve only worn them once so far, and I figure now is a good as time as any! Then I felt like working a black and white look, so I added this super cool top from INC (International Concepts). Check out the pockets!!! Both leggings and pants are from my NYC trip last August and I picked these up at Macy’s.

Cozy, comfy, and stylish for the doctor! I love these pockets!

Cozy, comfy, and stylish for the doctor! I love these pockets!

Oh, don’t let the greenery behind me fool you. It’s probably in the upper 30s today and I took my coat off:) But we STILL have no snow!

Love the tuxedo stripe!

Love the tuxedo stripe!

To add a little whimsy, I wore these adorable cat earrings I found at Claire’s Accessories in Kaiserslautern around a month ago. I love cats, and it’s hard to find “cat jewelry” without looking like a five year old!

So "purrrfect!"

So “purrrfect!”

Some of you have asked where I got my boots. They are a brand called Graceland sold at the German “Payless,” Deichmann. Here is the link if you want to buy them, or check out their other styles. Everything I’ve bought from them has been comfortable and very durable.

The good news is, I am healing well. The bad news is, I have six more weeks until I can enjoy a massage, a bath, a sauna, or do any other exercise besides walking. No twisting, bending over, or lifting anything more than 5 lbs. Patience with myself has never been a great quality of mine, so until then, I will walk and blog a bunch more!





Ringing in the New Year, Gatsby Style!

With every new year, there is a feeling of starting over, doing something better, or giving up a vice. Honesty, I’m not sure about a “resolution,” but I know that a goal for me in 2014 will be gaining back strength, endurance, and flexibility after my surgery happens in a couple of weeks. Not being able to go for long walks, climb stairwells without grimacing, or teach a dance class got me feeling down a bit, however, I am very hopeful for what is to come. Here’s to better days!

The ringing in of this new year started off with a bang (literally, Germans LOVE to set off BIG fireworks in the streets!) by partying it up at a “Great Gatsby” theme party! So, what’s a girl to do when her closet lacks 1920s inspiration? Go shopping, of course!

I was excited to see that H&M has become more stylish in the Plus department. Many retailers are finally getting on the bandwagon that we curvy girls want to wear hot, fashionable styles, and it’s about time! Here’s what I scored from H&M:

Lace top and skirt, H&M.

Lace top and skirt, H&M.

Headband by Bijou Bijou, strand of pearls by Claire's.

Headband by Bijou Bijou,
strand of pearls by Claire’s.

Gloves with bow detail, Claire's. Bracelet, gift from hubby!

Gloves with bow detail, Claire’s. Bracelet, gift from hubby!

Purple satin heels with bow lace up, Charlotte Russe.

Purple satin heels with bow lace up, Charlotte Russe.

The Hubby and I had a fantastic time with friends. Lots of dancing, singing, and eating a delicious “Tres Leches” (Three Milks) cake, which is a tradition in the Latin culture. I would describe it as a very fancy Twinkie! Delicious!

Along with the popping of champagne, we were treated to Columbian cigars! I am not a smoker, but every once in a blue moon I like to have a cigar. Very 1920s, indeed.

Enjoying a few puffs (that's all I had!)

Enjoying a few puffs (that’s all I had!)

Here’s to a prosperous new year full of love and laughter!