These are a Few of My Favorite Things…Everyday Beauty Awards

Hi lovelies!

Do you have a “cannot live without” list of beauty products? I’m sure you do! Every year, InStyle and Allure magazines do a “Best of Beauty” Awards issue, and I thought it was high time I do my own list. These are my picks for “Everyday Beauty.”

Tell me what you think of my picks, and let me know some other products I should give a try!

BEST MASCARA: Revlon Photoready 3D Volume


This is by far, the BEST mascara for thickening and lengthening. I swear it doubles the length of my lashes! I know Maybelline’s Great Lash is usually king on a lot of “Best Of” lists (and it is good), but this mascara really gives a dramatic look without clumps. Plus, it’s not hard to remove!

BEST CC CREAM: Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream

cc cream

For an everyday look, this is a must have! It’s lightweight, looks very natural, hides any redness or blotchiness, and has a SPF 30 to protect the skin. My skin stays hydrated, but doesn’t get oily. With this product, I usually just wear mascara and some lip color, and I look great!

BEST BLUSH: Tie: Cover Girl Instant Cheekbones/ NARS blush in “Orgasm.”

CG blush  s248930-main-hero-300

Both of these blushes rock! The Cover Girl Instant Cheekbones is a wonderful inexpensive blush that comes in several colors, plus the product goes on very evenly and has great staying power throughout the day. Many times I wear the “Peach Perfection” trio on my eyes!

NARS’ “Orgasm” is a true cult classic. The color looks great on any complexion, and I LOVE the shimmery effect. It’s more high end in price, but this is one product that is worth the investment. Whenever I wear it, I look “lit from within;” the celebrity-on-a-red-carpet look!

BEST LIP COLOR/LIPSTICK: Tie: Bonne Bell Lipcolor/Clinique Chubby Stick

21m3LPkjMgL clq_749K05_402x464

I just discovered Bonne Bell’s Lipcolor lipstick in a clearance basket! For an inexpensive lipstick, this is the best one I’ve found. When I put it on, it hydrates, doesn’t feel “waxy,” and has a subtle shine. I’m hoping Bonne Bell isn’t discontinuing this!

Before I fell in love with Bonne Bell’s Lipcolor, Clinique’s Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Color has been #1 with me. I really like how the color looks natural and feels like a lip balm. It’s surprisingly long lasting, but not drying. Lots of times, I throw it on with nothing else on the face and the color just wakes up my look!

There you have it! My favorite “Everyday Makeup” products. In future posts, I’ll profile favorite skincare, hair, and glamour makeup.

What’s your favorite everyday makeup? Let’s discuss!

Love, laughter, and shoes –

xx Melanie.





The search begins for a REAL hydrating lipstick!

Right now in Germany it is unnaturally mild for January (around 40 every day), but the air is super dry and no matter how much Chap Stick I wear, my lips keep flaking. I then bought some tinted Blistex, which had a nice light berry taste and gave my lips a good coat of moisture, but alas…the Hubby told me today that when he kisses me when I wear it, it “feels goopy.” Not good.

So, I decided to try two new products. My first one is Clinique’s Chubby Stick, moisturizing lip color balm. The first color, “Bountiful Blush,” has a nice nude pink and looks natural. Then I really stepped out of my box with the “Oversized Orange.” Yes, you read that right…orange! I NEVER have bought anything orange before, only because I am pretty sure it would look horrid on me. However, this color is much more of a coral, and surprisingly looks good! Besides the colors, I like how the Chubby Stick applies like a crayon and feels moist. I haven’t worn one yet for several hours yet, so that review is yet to come.

The second product I bought is TooFaced’s La Crème Color Drenched Lip Cream in “Loganberry.” This product applies like a regular lipstick, and it feels like silk on my lips! Loganberry is a darker pink, which I like for nights out or when I’m feeling a little extra sassy. I will post a final verdict on the long lasting factor later as well.

Tomorrow I will also post pics of me wearing the products, plus some of my other beauty favs! Got a favorite lip treatment or lipstick to share? Comment and let me know!

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