Bloggers Unite in Black & White!

With the fabulous Signe Savant!

With the fabulous Signe Savant!

There’s the old saying, “great minds think alike.” For me and fellow blogger and friend Signe Savant, “great fashionistas style alike!”

Signe Savant, of, is “responsible” for turning me on to blogging. She and I are both instructors for a youth facility on a military base (she was assisting me with a pom pom squad!), and I kept noticing her fabulous sense of style. When I asked her one day where she got her clothes, she explained about her blogging and the opportunities/freebies she’s received from various retailers. Well, that definitely got me interested!

Yesterday, at a “good bye” party for a mutual co-worker, we both showed up rocking black and white!

I love her crop top and floral skirt! So chic!

I debuted my new Forever 21 Plus chevron sundress. It’s so super comfortable, and easy to dress up or down.


Working some fierce accessories!

Working some fierce accessories!


Love that statement necklace!

Love that statement necklace!

Mel sunnies

I also picked up these “Fresh Cat Eye” sunnies from Forever 21 for only $5.80! Love me a bargain.

Feelin' foxy!

Feelin’ foxy!


How did you get started blogging? Have you met or collaborated with any other bloggers?


Let me know!

Love, laughter, and shoes!

xx Melanie.





The Show Must Go On!

Ralph Lauren BW

Does it get any better than having a great event to wear your foxiest dress and perform in front of hundreds of people? That’s what I did last night at the 19th annual TOPPER Awards.

Toppers 2014 trophies

What is TOPPERS? It is the yearly recognition of excellence in military community theatre, with awards that range from “Best Prop Design” to “Best Debut Performance” to the coveted “Best Actor/Actress” trophies, to “Best Play” and “Best Musical.”  Roughly a dozen theatres from around Italy, Germany, and Belgium compete and cheer each other on. It is one GREAT time!

Best Actress in a Comedy, 2013!

Best Actress in a Comedy, 2013!

I’ve had the honor to perform twice as a “Toppers Singer,” which involves learning six songs with choreography. Miraculously, we rehearse only about a handful of times before 11 of us get in front of our peers, either to be cheered or silently judged. Thankfully, we all passed the test and received enthusiastic applause. WHEW.

Remembering words/movements aside, I sprained my knee (yep, the one that’s been giving me trouble!) the day before performing!

So, what do I do? I tape it up, add a painkiller cream (courtesy of fellow singer Annie), and go out there and give it all I’ve got. YES, it hurt like hell to do some of the movements, but as every performer knows, THE SHOW MUST GO ON!

Toppers 2014 medley

Toppers 2014 slow song

Toppers 2014 broadway

Toppers 2014 performing

Fashion wise, I couldn’t work any cute heels, however, I did get to wear this fierce Lauren by Ralph Lauren gown I got on sale from Nordstrom. LOVE the lace and sequin detail!!! (There is a sexy side slit, but my knee is wrapped, so I didn’t show that off)

Ralph Lauren gown

Ralph Lauren 2

After the last award was handed out, pictures taken, and cake consumed, the Hubby and I ended our evening at an “after awards” party, where MORE drinks and laughter followed. 🙂

I’m so grateful for this experience! Hopefully, if I do get to go to Toppers next year, I won’t be injured!

Love, laughter, and shoes:)

xx Melanie

WHAT I WORE (and where you can find it!):




Crystal studs – SWARVORSKI





Paris, Part Deux

Ah Paris! This is our third time visiting, and with each time, I fall in love with you a little more. Paris is truly the “City of Lovers!”

In fact, the Hubby and I decided to “lock our love” on a bridge over the Seine, a tradition of many couples.

Four years of a wonderful marriage, nine years together!

“Come What May, I will love you until my dying day.” -our vows.

Lock in Paris

This day, I opted to be comfy by dressing in layers since we’d be out all day.

Locked Mel

But of course, I added a little sparkle with these Eiffel Tower earrings to jazz up my look!

mel cu eiffel ear

One of my favorite things about Paris is visiting museums, and I loved seeing the Musee Rodin which included the iconic statue, The Thinker.

Of course, everyone has to “think” with The Thinker!

Mel and Thinker


The Musee Rodin has an AMAZING garden full of fantastic sculptures! Also, a beautiful pond area and café to enjoy a coffee!

Musee Garden full 2

Channeling "Eve's Shame"

Channeling “Eve’s Shame”

The Three Shades.

The Three Shades.

Spring is everywhere!

Spring is everywhere!

Rodin Museum1

There’s a great view of Napoleon’s Tomb (and with the over the top ornate décor of his tomb, there’s no doubt in my mind that Napoleon would’ve been a fashion designer if he didn’t decide to rule the world).

Napoleon tomb 2

We checked it out, and yep – this is an example of “Little Man Syndrome.” Great taste in final resting digs, though!




There are few places in this world that can make me drop my mouth with awe. Paris is one of them!

More Parisian adventures to come!

On another note…I found out today I have 100 followers on Bloglovin now! Thank you so much for following and reading. Your comments and likes mean so much! Please leave your links so I can follow you too!

Love, laughter, and shoes!

xx Melanie.




Perfect Paris, Part 1

Bonjour all! I got back from a mini-vacation and I’m so excited to show and tell you all about it. Definitely the BEST part about being stationed in Germany is the ability to travel to fantastic places! One of my very favorite places is Paris, the city that offers it all – fashion, art, museums, delicious food, breathtaking views, historic sites…what can I say, it’s AMAZING.

This was our third visit, so the Hubby and I took three full days to check off some things on the bucket list. First for me was to check out an exhibition I read about in Glamour a couple months back, Glossy Paper – A Century of Fashion with Conde Nast. Presented by Vogue, this photo exhibit included historic images by legendary photographers, including Richard Avedon, Horst P. Horst, Patrick Demarchier, and Irving Penn.

Seeing original prints that dated back to Vogue’s earliest days just blew me away, plus the exhibit included some classic designs by Coco Chanel HERSELF, Yoji Yamamoto, Christian Dior, and Lanvin! Even Hubby was impressed with the works (and I feared he would be bored silly) and I enjoyed educating him about the various photographers. However, unfortunately, the museum had a strict “no photos” policy 😦 If any of you lovely European bloggers get a chance, GO SEE THIS! It will be at the Palais Galliera until May 25.

Ah, the Eiffel Tower. Le sigh!

Ah, the Eiffel Tower. Le sigh!

Outside the Palais Galliera.

Outside the Palais Galliera.

Musee Galleria5


So excited to go in!

So excited to go in!

Comfy and stylin'!

Comfy and stylin’!

This bag holds EVERYTHING!

This bag holds EVERYTHING!

Musee Galleria2

The day was GORGEOUS. Warming up to 70 degrees, the Hubby and I strolled down by the Seine to see the original Statue of Liberty. She is MUCH smaller than her sister in New York, but still a lovely sight!

Shades Statue Lib

The Original!

The Original!

The following day was stuffed with activity – which I’ll tell you about in tomorrow’s post! Au revoir!



Gray Moto Jacket – FASHION TO FIGURE

Gray Leopard T shirt Dress – H & M

Gray Leggings – FOREVER 21 PLUS

Brown Studded Bag – JUST FAB (best travel bag EVER!)

Blue Leopard Sneakers – FOREVER 21




Thank You! Over 1,000 Hits!

When I started CURVES RULE a few months ago, I never imagined the day would come when my blog would hit 1,000 hits! Plus, I reached 100 “likes” on my posts as well! THANK YOU to all of you who have followed, shared, liked, and commented!

My goal with this blog is to help create more acceptance of all body types, whether we be petite or curvaceous. Those of us Fashionistas who are a size 14 and up crave beautiful, stylish, and affordable fashion, just like anyone else. More retailers are paying attention (especially online), but we need more fashion in the stores, too. We will get there! Fashion is for ALL!

In celebration of the new milestone, I decided to change up the design of my page. I think it looks cleaner, and I hope you all like it! Be sure to check out my page “Air Force Wife Life” for traveling tales and what it’s like being in a military family. I will be adding on to that part of my blog very soon.

And last, but not least…I am planning my first giveaway soon! With spring coming, it’s time for some cute new things to wear, and I want to thank you by giving something pretty to celebrate! Stay tuned!

It won't be from Jimmy Choo...but the prize will still be nice!

It won’t be from Jimmy Choo…but the prize will still be nice!


Love, laughter, and shoes…..xx Melanie.



Frustration & Fun= Frankfurt for Fourth Wedding Anniversary

With my partner in crime and love of my life!

With my partner in crime and love of my life!

The Hubby and I just celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary, and we decided to do a little overnight getaway in Frankfurt, Germany, which is about an hour and a half from us. We’d only been there to catch a flight from the airport, so we thought seeing the city would be fun.

Little did we know how CRAZY it would be to drive around the city limits! There were so many one way streets, and God help you if you just missed a turn. That happened a couple of times, and due to construction, we ended up driving way back around the city to get back where we belonged.

I could feel my hubby’s rising fury and the number of muttered expletives grew by each minute. It was looking like we weren’t going to be able to park right by our hotel, so I gently suggested we choose a parking lot down the street. Wearily, he obliged!

After checking in the Manhattan Hotel (yep, a place in Germany named after New York!) and having a nap to reset ourselves, we ventured out to dinner. Our original restaurant choice ended up being closed down (boo!) but hey, after many years together, we’ve learned to improvise. A sushi place caught our eye, and though I was a bit overdressed, I didn’t care! Hubby took these great pics of me in the hotel’s lobby before we went out. I wore a favorite look of his, this Forever21 Plus peplum dress.

Hubby loves the hourglass look! Forever21 Plus dress, Graceland flats.

Hubby loves the hourglass look! Forever21 Plus dress, Graceland flats.

Having my hubby as photographer brings out the best in me:)

Having my hubby as photographer brings out the best in me:)

This rhinestone bracelet is one I picked up for $6 at a little shop in Saugatuck, Michigan! I love finds like this!

He makes my heart flutter....

He makes my heart flutter….

We spent the next day at Zoo Frankfurt , which was a lot larger than we’d anticipated! So many types of animals to see! From the big cats to the smallest lizards and everything in between, we ooooed and ahhhed over the wildlife. Definitely worth the visit!!

This "bear" was so nice to pose with me!

This “bear” was so nice to pose with me!

All in all, we had a great time. Frankfurt has a lot to offer visitors, and the subway system is definitely the way to get around! Very easy to navigate your way.

The lesson learned, though – next time, we take a train there!

I love that he can be silly with me!

I love that he can be silly with me!

Most importantly, I am very blessed to be married to my hubby. He is incredibly supportive, giving, funny, witty, has great integrity, and makes me feel amazing! I love him with all my heart! Awwwww.

Enough gushing for now! Until next time – love, laughter, and shoes!


Mixing Preppy and Punk!

Don’t you LOVE a great find?!! Especially when it’s free?!! One of the advantages about being in the military community is the gem called The Airman’s Attic. You can find everything from electronics, to toys, to clothes (of course!). Everything is donated from other military families, and it blows me away the kinds of awesome things I’ve found there!

Today’s #OODT includes two of my recent finds: an oversized J. Crew shirt and a GUESS purse! Both are in excellent condition, and I’m amazed I got both for free! Since I got a new haircut and color, I wanted to go for a “preppy punk” look. I love the edge my JustFab heels give the whole outfit!

Who knew a J Crew beige button down could look so fierce?

Who knew a J Crew beige button down could look so fierce?

One of my favorite JustFab heels! Leggings, Forever21 Plus.

One of my favorite JustFab heels! Leggings, Forever21 Plus.

A beautiful GUESS!!! Thank you to whoever donated it!

A beautiful GUESS bag…free!!! Thank you to whoever donated it!

Got my hair “did”! Channeling some Sheena Easton from around 1986-87.

Miss Sheena, during the "Prince" phase, U Got the Look!

Miss Sheena, during the “Prince” phase, U Got the Look!