Paris, Part Deux

Ah Paris! This is our third time visiting, and with each time, I fall in love with you a little more. Paris is truly the “City of Lovers!”

In fact, the Hubby and I decided to “lock our love” on a bridge over the Seine, a tradition of many couples.

Four years of a wonderful marriage, nine years together!

“Come What May, I will love you until my dying day.” -our vows.

Lock in Paris

This day, I opted to be comfy by dressing in layers since we’d be out all day.

Locked Mel

But of course, I added a little sparkle with these Eiffel Tower earrings to jazz up my look!

mel cu eiffel ear

One of my favorite things about Paris is visiting museums, and I loved seeing the Musee Rodin which included the iconic statue, The Thinker.

Of course, everyone has to “think” with The Thinker!

Mel and Thinker


The Musee Rodin has an AMAZING garden full of fantastic sculptures! Also, a beautiful pond area and café to enjoy a coffee!

Musee Garden full 2

Channeling "Eve's Shame"

Channeling “Eve’s Shame”

The Three Shades.

The Three Shades.

Spring is everywhere!

Spring is everywhere!

Rodin Museum1

There’s a great view of Napoleon’s Tomb (and with the over the top ornate décor of his tomb, there’s no doubt in my mind that Napoleon would’ve been a fashion designer if he didn’t decide to rule the world).

Napoleon tomb 2

We checked it out, and yep – this is an example of “Little Man Syndrome.” Great taste in final resting digs, though!




There are few places in this world that can make me drop my mouth with awe. Paris is one of them!

More Parisian adventures to come!

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Love, laughter, and shoes!

xx Melanie.




For the love of Cologne (Koln)!

The absolute best perk about being stationed in Germany is all the opportunity for travel. Since the Hubby and I arrived in 2011, we’ve seen Paris, Crete, Amsterdam, Berlin, Bern, Strasbourg, and have attended various festivals all around our area of Ramstein. This weekend, we decided to take a drive to Koln, also known as Cologne. This city is known for the gorgeous Cologne Cathedral, which is the largest Gothic church in Northern Europe. Most of all, the artwork and sculpture inside the cathedral is absolutely breathtaking. It’s amazing to think that much of the art comes from the 13th and 14th centuries!

Outside of the Cathedral.  Sweaterdress, H&M.

Outside of the Cathedral.
Sweaterdress, H&M.

Dazzling at night!

Dazzling at night!

What I find to be another big plus about Europe is the number of high end shops! In just about every city, you can find flagship stores of designers such as…Louis Vuitton and Hermes, as shown here in Cologne!


The home of the most fabulous bags!

The home of the most fabulous bags!

Cologne has many museums (and several are close to the cathedral!), notably the Museum Ludwig, home to several works by Picasso, Warhol, and Pollock. I grew up loving art, and there’s nothing like seeing a masterpiece up close. We also checked out Roman ruins, sculpture, and fantastic jewelry at the Romisch-Germanisches Museum. I drooled over these earrings!


Our travel ended with a visit to the Chocolate Museum. Lindt Chocolates operates the museum next to their factory, and during the visit we learned about the history of chocolate, the various uses of it, and most importantly, watching it being made! Of course, we couldn’t leave without visiting the gift shop! No Willy Wonka or Oompa Loompas, but it was pretty cool.

AHHH!!!! Yummy!

AHHH!!!! Yummy!

I am so glad I got to visit this city. It’s rich in culture and activity, and I hope to come back later in the spring to visit the Zoo and take a brewery tasting tour!

Staying cozy on a chilly day.

Staying cozy on a chilly day.