2015 – Celebrating Who YOU Are!



Did you have a fun filled crazy celebration, or did you keep things more low key? Are you waking up with the “holy God, why did I drink all that Long Island tea and champagne” feeling?

No? Oh, well yes- that is me! HA!

Anyway, here’s to a brand new year. As we close out 2014, I’d like to offer a wish for all of us to begin 2015. Let’s enjoy ourselves more!

Oh the tasty gluhwein!

Oh the tasty gluhwein!

Every year, there is a big push to “fix ourselves.” On just about every advertisement or magazine this month, we will be promised that “this is the year to get fit,” or “get a bikini body,” so we sign up for gym memberships and hope that THIS time we’ll make it happen.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with getting healthier. However, shouldn’t we enjoy who and what we are NOW, versus waiting to be happy?

New Victoria's Secret sweatshirt! So cozy!

New Victoria’s Secret sweatshirt! So cozy!

So, yes – start a new fitness program. Stop smoking. Be kinder. Save money. Chase a new interest. Whatever it is you want to do this year, DO IT. And have FUN while doing it!

VS top 2

VS Top 5

On another note…

Thank you all for reading and commenting on my blog this past year! I really appreciate all the likes, follows, shares, and comments. I’m excited about what’s to come this year, and you lovelies can expect many more giveaways!!


Love, laughter, and shoes –

xx Melanie.

The Comeback Begins (and new exciting things to come!)

I’ve mentioned before that I’ve been dealing with a back injury since a car accident in 2012, and two days ago, I got surgery to have a disc shaved down so my sciatic nerve is no longer being pressed on. Thankfully, I am now feeling sensation in my right leg and foot again, which I hadn’t felt in about three months! I’m home from the hospital, recovering well due to the fabulous care of my hubby. Of course I am quite sore, but this is to be expected for awhile. In a few weeks, I should be able to resume most of my everyday activities.

The major downside is that I won’t be getting around very much for a bit (and I have some CUTE new leggings and boots from Forever 21 to show you all!) but until I am feeling and looking better, I will post about interesting finds and fashion news I come across.

Here’s something I’m VERY excited about – I was selected to write for DailyVenus.com as a contributing blogger! I just received the notification, so more news to come about this new adventure soon! DailyVenus.com is a fantastic site that has news about fashion, beauty standard issues, and spotlights on plus size celebrities. I encourage everyone to check it out!

I also would like to give kudos out to a fellow blogger (and friend) “Signe Savant” who writes Thedailysavant.com. She has been featured on Lucky Magazine’s website as a contributor, and I’m thrilled for her! She and I are both significant others of military men, work as youth instructors, and course, love fashion! Her insights are great, so please check her out! She does some terrific giveways (and I lucked out and won one! More details on that later!!!).

Speaking of giveaways, I’m planning on starting some very soon! Keep reading and you just might snag a goody or two!

As I recover, I will be dreaming of the day I can wear fierce heels again like these Karolina cage heels from JustFab! So, I will think of these as I do my physical therapy!

I'm dreaming of cage heels!

I’m dreaming of cage heels!




Ringing in the New Year, Gatsby Style!

With every new year, there is a feeling of starting over, doing something better, or giving up a vice. Honesty, I’m not sure about a “resolution,” but I know that a goal for me in 2014 will be gaining back strength, endurance, and flexibility after my surgery happens in a couple of weeks. Not being able to go for long walks, climb stairwells without grimacing, or teach a dance class got me feeling down a bit, however, I am very hopeful for what is to come. Here’s to better days!

The ringing in of this new year started off with a bang (literally, Germans LOVE to set off BIG fireworks in the streets!) by partying it up at a “Great Gatsby” theme party! So, what’s a girl to do when her closet lacks 1920s inspiration? Go shopping, of course!

I was excited to see that H&M has become more stylish in the Plus department. Many retailers are finally getting on the bandwagon that we curvy girls want to wear hot, fashionable styles, and it’s about time! Here’s what I scored from H&M:

Lace top and skirt, H&M.

Lace top and skirt, H&M.

Headband by Bijou Bijou, strand of pearls by Claire's.

Headband by Bijou Bijou,
strand of pearls by Claire’s.

Gloves with bow detail, Claire's. Bracelet, gift from hubby!

Gloves with bow detail, Claire’s. Bracelet, gift from hubby!

Purple satin heels with bow lace up, Charlotte Russe.

Purple satin heels with bow lace up, Charlotte Russe.

The Hubby and I had a fantastic time with friends. Lots of dancing, singing, and eating a delicious “Tres Leches” (Three Milks) cake, which is a tradition in the Latin culture. I would describe it as a very fancy Twinkie! Delicious!

Along with the popping of champagne, we were treated to Columbian cigars! I am not a smoker, but every once in a blue moon I like to have a cigar. Very 1920s, indeed.

Enjoying a few puffs (that's all I had!)

Enjoying a few puffs (that’s all I had!)

Here’s to a prosperous new year full of love and laughter!