Fringe, feathers, and fabulous – Rockin Vintage ’20s!

Hello everyone!

It’s National Lipstick Day! I thought I’d celebrate it by showing some terrific looks that friends of mine rocked during a 1920’s themed party! The 1920s was a time of bold lips and eyes, and my friends did the era justice. Check out the gorgeous smoky eyes Oscar did (and that bob is to die for!):


She's a modern day Louise Brooks!

She’s a modern day Louise Brooks!

If you love watching runway collections, you probably noticed a lot of fringe, feathers, and midi length skirts. Guess where those trends originated from?

Yep, it was the 1920’s! Lovely Laura works this dress from H &M!

She got this dress for just $20!

She got this dress for just $20!

I decided to do a modern take on the bat sleeve (which was very popular in robe-style dresses). This I picked up in Florence, Italy!

Me full length

The gorgeous Victoria does a vampy Theda Bara look: (check out the jet beading!)

V close up

I love Kat’s take on Marlene Dietrich with a bold red lip! If only I could pull off men’s wear this effortlessly!

Kat CU

Beautiful Sam wore this fantastic lace dress. And guess what, it’s back in style!

Sam full

Sam brought this vintage clutch from the 20s. The beading is amazing!

Vinatge clutch

Great looks never go out of style!

In honor of National Lipstick Day, here is my current favorite brand and shade. Too Faced’s LaCreme in Loganberry. It’s moist, has just enough shine, and doesn’t wear off quickly. Plus I love this color!

TooFaced LaCreme


Here's Loganberry on my pucker!

Here’s Loganberry on my pucker!

What’s your favorite colors and brands? Please let me know!

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Love, laughter, and shoes-

xx Melanie.


The search begins for a REAL hydrating lipstick!

Right now in Germany it is unnaturally mild for January (around 40 every day), but the air is super dry and no matter how much Chap Stick I wear, my lips keep flaking. I then bought some tinted Blistex, which had a nice light berry taste and gave my lips a good coat of moisture, but alas…the Hubby told me today that when he kisses me when I wear it, it “feels goopy.” Not good.

So, I decided to try two new products. My first one is Clinique’s Chubby Stick, moisturizing lip color balm. The first color, “Bountiful Blush,” has a nice nude pink and looks natural. Then I really stepped out of my box with the “Oversized Orange.” Yes, you read that right…orange! I NEVER have bought anything orange before, only because I am pretty sure it would look horrid on me. However, this color is much more of a coral, and surprisingly looks good! Besides the colors, I like how the Chubby Stick applies like a crayon and feels moist. I haven’t worn one yet for several hours yet, so that review is yet to come.

The second product I bought is TooFaced’s La Crème Color Drenched Lip Cream in “Loganberry.” This product applies like a regular lipstick, and it feels like silk on my lips! Loganberry is a darker pink, which I like for nights out or when I’m feeling a little extra sassy. I will post a final verdict on the long lasting factor later as well.

Tomorrow I will also post pics of me wearing the products, plus some of my other beauty favs! Got a favorite lip treatment or lipstick to share? Comment and let me know!

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